Hey, I'm

Rupesh Kumar Saha

I'm a CEMK class of 2021 undergraduate majoring in Electrical Engineering. I have a diverse set of interests, from Core Electrical concepts to Cybersecurity fundamentals.

My Journey

Tata Consultancy Services

Assistant System Engineer
(March 2021- Present)

Landing a job at TCS was a dream come true. Being from non-it domain, I hope to gather essential knowledge and experience. 

Er Segment Pvt. Ltd.

Cyber Security Internship
(September 2020 - March 2021)

Er Segment presented an unprecedented scale and diversity of knowledge. And, I'm proud to be a member of Er Segment family.

College of Engineering & Management

Electrical Engineering
(August 2017 - July 2021)

I'm grateful for these four years away from home. CEMK was where I learnt to articulate my ideas, fell in love with learning and got to follow my dreams.

My Activities

Skills learned during my Cyber Security internship, helped me secure numerous government and private websites.